Handmade cup of porcelain for your ultimate café latte or cappuccino. The shape of the cup fits perfectly in your hands and on the outside it is left unglazed and has a smooth and matte surface. The cup comes in soft pink.


Dimensions: Dia 8 cm, Height 8,5 cm 

Holds 170 ml


Dishwasher safe


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The oval collection is made of porcelain, is based on minimal oval forms and is slipcast in handmade molds. It has a smooth plain and matt surface. The outside is left unglazed to give it a stone-like appearance.

Available in a variety of soft, natural shades and Yves Klein blue and different sizes, a classic, simple yet versatile option. The items of the oval collection are available plain, or decorated with golden stardust-like spots which make them even more elegant items to be treasured.

The oval collection is slipcast and glazed by hand. Slight variations in shape and colour are to be expected and embraced, making each piece unique.

To make a porcelain item it requires a lot of time and care. There are 15 stages before one item is finished and each step needs meticulous attention to get the desired result. Each item is fired at a high temperature to make sure it is sintered to complete density. This ensures it is non-porous and nothing can attack the surface, coffee and tea do not stain.

To reduce the carbon footprint, the firing is done in an electric kiln which runs on green electricity. The porcelain and glaze are made in house, using locally (european) sourced ingrediënts that are non-toxic and leadfree. All material is reused, leaving waste to a minimal.

Care: dishwashersafe, if any stain occurs please rub in some sodiumbicarbonate and rinse off with water.


Oval cup