A classic vase made of clay with a modern twist inspired by nordic aesthetics. Every vase is handthrown on the wheel and one of a kind. Glazed inside for holding flowers.


Height 15 cm – width 14 cm


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The modern vases are handthrown on the wheel, using a mixture of clay bodies, grogs and spots to get the right colour and texture. Monochromatic neutral tones like whites, beiges, greys, browns and blacks are used. The shapes are inspired by nordic aesthetics with clean, simple lines and are adorned with minimal shapes. The process of making a handthrown vase is long but very rewarding. A modern vase takes time to make, as it has to be made in stages. Each piece is thrown on the wheel, assembled and bisque fired, glazed on the inside and finally fired at a high temperature.

Every few months a new clay is explored, and new shapes are used as adornments. The vases from this season have the colour of vanilla, creamy white with little black spots and have minimal circle shaped handles.

The beauty of the modern vase is that it can be used for multiple purposes. It’s both functional and art piece; truly one of a kind and made with expert craftmanship. In addition to holding flowers it can stand alone, serving as a piece of art for your home.

Each vase is unique, a one of a kind sculptural object.

To reduce the carbon footprint, the firing is done in an electric kiln which runs on green electricity. The stoneware, porcelain and glazes are made in house, using locally (european) sourced ingrediënts that are non-toxic and leadfree. All materials are reused, leaving waste to a minimal.

Care: handwash gently with a mild detergent, if any stain occurs please rub in some sodiumbicarbonate and rinse off with water.


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