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A beautiful and highly decorative object for your home. Available in different sizes, entirely handmade and unique.


Size: length 25 cm – width 17 cm – height 10 cm


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The sphere object is an artwork made of several spherical shapes in different sizes.

The shapes are formed separately and attached using the scoring and slipping technique. Marrying them together by physically blending them is possible while the material is still soft and wet. But if they aren’t firmly united together, they can fall apart or deform as they dry or when they are fired in the kiln. Timing is crucial.

Connecting with each other the spheres create an object of an unusual structure, perfectly shaped and holding an impeccable balance despite the laws of gravity. The sphere object is made of porcelain and stoneware in monochrome white. It has a matt powdery finish where light and shadow wrap around the object beautifully. Each sphere object is handcrafted individually and features a multifunctional design as it can be used as a wall piece or as a freestanding sculpture.

To reduce the carbon footprint, the firing is done in an electric kiln which runs on green electricity. The stoneware and porcelain are made in house, using locally (european) sourced ingrediënts that are non-toxic and leadfree. All materials are reused, leaving waste to a minimal..

Care: remove dust with a soft brush


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